Resident comes up roses thanks to Real Democracy team

Participants from Real Democracy recently visited a local identity in Albion Road, Bridgewater, Mrs Booth, who has been living in Bridgewater for the past 20 years.

Mrs Booth is no longer involved in community activities but manages to keep busy in her magnificent rose garden with more than 100 varieties of roses.

She was also asked which ones were her favourites and she said the David Austin was an old variety with a beautiful perfume.

When asked what was her inspiration to begin and continue her garden Mrs Booth said: “The Grandchildren had similar names to many of the roses so I just kept planting.”

Even after a loss of mobility plus some time in hospital Mrs Booth can still be seen on her hands and knees weeding and removing rubbish. Any help in this area would be greatly welcomed.

Her unit has been converted into a Christmas wonderland which had all of us gasping in delight. It has taken Mrs Booth a month to install.

It is truly any child’s Christmas dream with snow covered forests and bustling miniature villages complete with lighting.