This project is managed by Real Democracy which is currently in place and comprises representatives from:

  • MONA 24 Carrot Gardens Project
  • Workskills
  • Red Cross
  • Colony 47
  • Bridgewater Trade Training Centre (BTTC)
  • Brighton Council
  • Bridgewater LINC
  • Waterbridge Food Co-op
  • Jordan River Learning Federation 
  • Community representative

As Real Democracy‘s activities expand, we will invite new partners to join us in the Community Blitz Governance Group to respond to the challenge of addressing the social determinants of health.

Ongoing representation from key partners at governance meetings will be an important part of the collective impact process and produce meaningful and long term improvements in community health and wellbeing. We anticipate adding additional partners, supporters and representatives to bring added expertise, experiences and network nodes related to the project.
The Real Democracy has a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and operates as a single group. Sub-project teams will be a feature of the governance structure, to coordinate Big Blitzes in particular, and support achievement of the objectives.  These sub-project teams will allow more focused input and opportunities for further community leadership involvement and development. Such sub committees would be established with individual Terms of Reference and report back to the Real Democracy.