About us

What is Real Democracy?

Real Democracy is a collective of organisations and individuals, who support, connect and enhance the lives of all people in our Brighton Municipality. Real Democracy was initially established to provide local garden repair and maintenance by the community for the community, with embedded training and support. Many of the participants have gained life skills, qualifications and employment.

Through Tasmania Medicare Local Social Determinants of Health funding, Real Democracy aims to expand the existing project to address the Social Determinants of Health and to build on our foundations to take Community Blitz to the next level. Real Democracy has the potential to reduce the impact of poverty by providing access to healthy, nutritious food, learning and training opportunities, employment pathways and work experiences such as exposure to the creative and culinary arts.

Established in 2011, to date Real Democracy has primarily worked with community organisations to enhance their facilities to better deliver services, and has undertaken some household maintenance support and beautification of community facilities. Many participants have gained skills, qualifications, employment and a hope since Real Democracy’s inception.

Brighton Alive

Real Democracy project grew out of the Brighton Alive Network. Brighton Alive is a collective of organisations and individuals that supports, connects and enhances the lives of all people in the Brighton LGA through sharing information, facilitating the coordination of services, developing partnerships and pursuing opportunities.

The Brighton Alive Network includes community service providers, many business and community members. Brighton Alive continues to fully support Community Blitz.


Real Democracy has been operating successfully for close to two years. Initial funding was sourced from the Tasmanian Communities Fund. Funding was also provided by Workskills, small grants (26TEN literacy grant), Skills Tasmania, and income for works carried out, donations and much in-kind support. Due to outstanding community and in-kind support and the diligence of the Real Democracy governance group and the hard working Coordinator we were able to stretch Real Democracy funds to last a further 12 months than the funding agreement initially allowed.

From the outset Real Democracy established a Governance structure to oversee the project. The Governance group consists of a range of partners who share responsibility for the outcomes and management of the project.